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Voiced and Voiceless Consonants-1

English has a very complicated system of voiced and voiceless consonants. Or so they say. But what really are voiced and voiceless sounds?

There is, fortunately, a ton of information out there. Much of it put together and presented extremely well by experts with a ton of experience. So if you decide to go online and learn how to make one particular sound, how to pronounce a word, and so on, you will definitely find multiple high quality sources providing you accurate information.

Unfortunately, though, you might say there is just too much information out there. Consider the video below:

Or consider this video:

Lots of information, yes. Accurate information, yes. Too much of it? definitely.

I’ve seen far too many students get overwhelmed by the jargon, by the intricacies, and by the volume of information. But do we really need to learn all that complicated speech science, and go into detail about place of articulation, alveolar fricatives, voiceless bilabial plosives, and so on?

Or can we do without all that stuff and find an easier way?

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