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First and Foremost, it’s a Catch-22

Introduction We have discussed the various ways in which numbers can be read out. We also considered which methods are more standard than others. But that’s only a small part of the discussion we could…

Color Metaphors in English

All About Metaphors Almost all our understanding of the world happens in terms of metaphors. This includes the most basic concepts of our existence. Good and evil, for example. And right and wrong. These concepts…

Avoid Non-standard Idioms

Introduction We often think our English usage is standard and current. And then, in fact, turns out to be either simply non-standard, or both non-standard and outdated. For example, a long time ago, I used…

More about Lying

We looked at some informal words for types of lies. This time, we will start with a more formal word that is used in similar contexts. A statement that is not true can be described…

A Pack of Lies

If a ‘fib’ is a small, unimportant lie; more or less its opposite is ‘whopper.’ A whopper is a big, blatant lie–something only the most gullible people would accept as true. For instance, a friend…

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